Medical laboratory technician schools in Florida

Medical lab technologist and lab technician are much in demand now days. They usually work under some physicians, supervisor, and experienced technologist and ensure smooth and effective working.
There are many medical schools and colleges all over the world.

List of well known and very famous laboratory technician schools in Florida:-

  • Keiser University: – Keiser schools for medical lab technologist and technician was established in 1977, and it provides both certification as well as degree courses.
  • Rasmussen College:-This is the oldest college for lab technologist and technician.  It is 109 years old and accredited with some higher learning. It is also provide both degree and certification.
  • Southwest College: – The school is in Florida and was established in 1974. It is a private school for different career oriented and degree courses. Courses are provided in allied health and medical technologists.
  • Walden University:-The University for Lab Technologist and technicians were founded in 1970. It provides degree programs in health care and Paramedical fields like nursing etc. It is an accredited college and it provides online courses.
  • Barry University: – Barry University found in 1940 in Miami, Florida. This is the only school which enrolls 2,737 full time undergraduates and 4,187 graduates for different certification and technologist courses.

It is the only field which is never affect by the word recession. And demand for technologist is increasing.

Florida schools are accredited with these boards:-

  1. American Medical Board
  2. American association for Bio-analyst
  3. National Credentialing society for Lab Personnel.
  4. American Agency of clinical Pathology.

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Medical Laboratory Technician

Now a days laboratory tests become wider and integral in the detection, analyzing, treatment of many disease. Medical laboratory technicians also known as clinical laboratory technicians have to perform routine procedure like checking of blood sample, tissue, and other bodily fluids.

Instrument used for laboratory procedures are:-

  • Microscope
  • Computer
  • Chemicals
  • Other laboratory equipment

Opportunity for Laboratory technicians is great in United States. Laboratory technicians are well experienced in different procedure of laboratory.
During the training period they are taught for blood drawing, other fluids of body like: – Urine etc.
Lab technologies are an important part of health care and essential in the life saving of patients.

Usually laboratory technicians performed their duties under the supervision of medical scientist, specialized in biological sciences, and pathologist.

Medical laboratory technician can be specialized in five different areas:-

  • Blood banking
  • Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology

Work Environment of Medical laboratory technician: -

Working environment of a lab technician is very wide.

  • Hospital laboratories.
  • Public health laboratories,
  • Reference laboratories,
  • Bio-medical companies,
  • Universities,
  • Industrial medical laboratories,
  • Pharmaceutical companies,
  • Forensic medicine,
  • Armed forces.

At school level:-biology, maths, computer science are essential for being a lab technician.
And at college level: – high school diploma, Associate degree program with clinical training.

  • National exam for board of registry of American society.
  • National certification exam for medical lab.

Student who wants to do this certification can contact the school directly.

Medical laboratory technician program include:-

  • Taking urine sample
  • Taking blood
  • Tissue
  • Semen
  • Identification of the strains
  • Viruses and pathogens
  • Blood group identification

Medical laboratory technician’s plays an important role in the process of analyze and treatment of the patients.
Opportunity for a lab technician will increase by 20%to 30%.

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Medical Laboratory Technician Schools

Population of world touching to the sky.  And need of employers in medical care center is increasing.
Demand for paramedical staff is increasing day by day. Medical school for lab technician are spreading out and opening new opportunities for fresh talent.

School for medical lab technologist is the first step to become a lab technician. After completion of school you can further seek for Associate level degree. Once you have complete the course of medical school you are able to join any hospital pathology laboratories.

Programs included in medical school:-

  • Testing patients blood and see the response of treatment.
  • Blood and urine sample, labeling them, and testing.
  • Sterilized all procedure instruments.
  • Managing and cleaning of all lab equipment
  • finding out the blood groups for donors
  • Laboratory testing program
  • Taking records

School of medical lab teaches all the program and duties to become a good medical lab technologist.
And school for medical lab technologist is open all over the states now.

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Difference between Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technician

Technologist and Technician both work for medical and clinical laboratory. But there is a difference between a technologist and a technician.

Differences between Laboratory technologist and laboratory technician:-

  • Education: – Laboratory technologist must have a bachelor’s degree in life science and any other medical technology with the four year degree program from any registered school. Laboratory technician must have an associate’s degree of two years. Or some certification from authorized college or school in applied sciences.
  • Salary: – The major and important difference is salary of technologist and technician. Medical technologist can easily earn &50,000 P/A. Medical Technician’s average salary is $35,000 P/A
  • Task: – Task of Laboratory technologist is more complicated and difficult .Job duties are same for both but laboratory technologist can choose their specialized area of work.
  • Work Place:- Work place can be same for both technologist and technician.
  • Requirement:-employees can be hired according to the requirement of the health care centers, medical offices, laboratory etc. Some may choose an associate degree for their health care centers. And some may require a complete bachelor’s degree with some certification.
  • Position:-Laboratory technologist always work on higher post comparatively laboratory technician

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Medical Laboratory Technician Salary

Health care medical field never hit by the word “recession”. So there are very good career opportunities.

Jobs in this sector are exploding day by day.

Initial salary for a medical laboratory technician is 35,000$ to 50,000$.
Laboratory technician is very important part of medical health care center.
Certification and degree program both things available for a medical lab technician.
Salary rate can be increased and decreased according to the experience and education.

Salary of a medical lab technician differs according to the field or sector.
Medical lab technician who works with government sector get higher salary comparatively the medical lab technician who works with private sector.
Paramedic’s field is very wide and there are many more skills which can be gained by the technician while working.
Completion of the certified course you will easily get your license in the state of America.
Education is main for deciding the salary of lab technician. According to the degree salary will increase or decrease.
Increment and better salary only depend on the deed on your performance of work.
Salary of a technician is totally depend on the hospital in which technician working, and the qualification. Current duties should have some extra uniqueness like:-

  • Analyzing data
  • Collect all the information together

Such qualities can increase the salary of technician.
This is the area which is never affected by recession so this is another reason of getting good salary here.

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